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A High School Student’s guide to Internship Opportunities

By Andric Li

An internship is a period of time where a student or trainee works for an organization or company to gain work experience. While some internships are paid, most of them are not. This begs the question, why should you intern if you are not getting any money for your time?

    There are many long term benefits of interning, especially while you are in high school or college. Think of interning as a long term investment. The goal of interning is to gain first hand experience in your field of interest. Many of these experiences are not attainable by going to school. Interning is a great way to explore your career path and figure out whether or not you truly are passionate in this field while also being able to have accomplishments to talk about when you are applying for higher education. Normally when you are interning, you will be doing projects assigned by your employer which lets you gain more real life hands-on experiences than you would be able to in the classroom. 

Another benefit of interning is being able to build networks and connections. When you are interning, you will be surrounded by professionals in the field as well as peers who are just as passionate and interested in this field of study. By building up relationships with these people, you may have an easier time finding your future job with their help. Making  a good impression on your mentor is just as important. They will most likely be able to write letters of recommendations to your future colleges, universities, or even future employers. 

How To Get an Internship

The very first thing to do is to define your interests. Spend some time thinking about what you would like to work on. The next step is to build your resume around your field of interest. Your resume should include your job objective, work experience, your education and honors, interests and activities, and some references. If you don’t have any real work experience, that is completely okay. On your resume, you can put experiences such as taking care of your sibling/pet, having a good attendance record at school, and even being the tech support for your parents. All of these experiences show that you are a responsible person, and suitable for the position. Additionally, please format your resume in a professional and simple way, so your employer does not have a hard time reading it. For your references, you should try to ask any teacher you have a good relationship with. Your employers are not looking for the most talented students, rather they are trying to find the students who demonstrate interest and potential. If you are a high schooler competing with college students, you may feel disadvantaged. However, you can be an equally competitive candidate if you show the right set of skills and demonstrate interest in the field. In your activities section, talk about any relevant club activities you do or any relevant competitions you have participated in  to display your experience and involvement in the field of interest.

After completing your resume, it is time to apply for internships. One of the best ways to find internships is through LinkedIn. After filling out your LinkedIn profile, you can search for internship listings on the jobs tab and filter your search to specific areas and companies. Make sure when you are finding an internship online, they are also accepting highschool students, since most of the internship listings are for undergraduate college students or higher. You could ask your friends for their parents’ contact information, that way you can find out if there are any open spots for internships. Your teachers may also be doing certain projects in addition to teaching,  and you can email them for more information. Make sure to write your emails very formally to the teachers and parents. If none of them have any open spots, you can try emailing professors at local universities to see if they need help on their projects too.

Intern at NexStream

Qualified high school students at NexStream can become Stream Assistants, where you help entry level students with their projects and questions during live instruction. Stream Assistants can be promoted to Instructor Assistants, a paid internship where you lead warm-up activities and provide live instruction to students. High school students can also take a different path as a business intern for Nexstream, where you work on projects like market analysis, competitive analysis, business planning, and more. An internship at NexStream provides not only opportunities to teach students and develop curriculum but also prepares you to take on Instructor positions where you are empowered to innovate on ways to structure a live session, develop connection strategies and team-work, and create activities to engage and inspire students. 

A NexStream internship also provides opportunities in real-world design and development in the areas of web design, data science, and hardware design.  Our mission is to provide these opportunities to all students interested in pursuing careers in Engineering and Computer Science, from the entry level students just beginning to embark in their STEM education through experienced students who have completed advanced placement courses and are looking for additional challenges in applications in Engineering and Computer Science. Students can also take a different path as a business intern for Nexstream, where you are assigned projects such as market analysis, competitive analysis, business planning, and more.

To Apply: Please email your resume to: info@NexStreamTek.com. Please also fill out this survey if you are applying for an engineering internship. All business internship applicants are required to fill out this survey.

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About the Author

Andric Li is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy in California. He is very interested in pursuing engineering in the future. Andric mainly focuses on creating new article ideas using SEO keyword tracking and writing STEM blog articles. Through his time interning at NexStream, he has learned many new things about digital marketing as well as improving his writing skills.

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