USACO Prep Sessions 2023

USACO Prep Sessions starting January 17th 2023

These sessions prepare students for the Bronze contest (see below for pre-course assessment and placement), teaching students fundamental problem-solving skills, as well as basic algorithms and concepts such as brute force, memoization, and greedy algorithms.

The entire package consists of 12 sessions, each 2 hours long.
The sessions will be held at Canyon Crest Academy every week on Tuesday at 4PM.

The sessions cover multiple topics such as:

- What is USACO? Hackerrank?
- How to read and understand the problems
- How to try to solve the problems; what to think about
- The different types of problems, and how to solve them
- Ad hoc
- Geometry/math
- Brute force
- Complete search
- Simulations
- Permutations
- Memoization
- Greedy algorithms
- Graph theory

The students will progress through harder and harder problems over the course of a few months.

Students will take a coding assessment at the beginning of the course, and if they are not ready for Bronze-level training they will be placed in a 'pre-Bronze' level to prepare for the training.

  • Welcome! Your instructor will assign the course content.
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed