At NexStream, we promote self-paced and project-based learning and strive to cultivate talents that can be ready for real-world challenges in the areas of study.

We support individualized education plans for each student based on the incoming level and speed in which the student progresses through the curriculum.  Students work on a series of courses/modules/units in a curriculum Stream (currently offered is Machine Learning).  

The Streams are designed for self-paced instructor-assisted learning through cloud-based videos, presentations and assessments, as well as hands-on guided projects. The curriculum has been developed by the instructors based on their many years of industry experience to give the students a practical understanding of the material.  

Stream Instructors and Stream Assistants (SA) will be present in the online classroom to assist with the on-line material and guided projects to augment learning as students progress through the curriculum and projects.  Feedback is provided in the form of daily reports on the progress through the courses in a Stream.

Projects are hands-on applications of the curriculum, specifically designed to augment and solidify the main concepts of each of the Stream’s units in a practical setting. Teachers and TAs will be on hand to help students set up and run the projects and to answer questions.

Initial assessments will be given to determine where each student should start within the Stream of their choice. However, the minimum math requirement will be 7th grade Math (the student should be going into 8th grade in the fall of 2020) due the level of math involved in each Stream.

Our team of instructors will be led by active STEM teachers who have over 40 years of combined Engineering industry experience. Tony Mauro leads the NexStream curriculum development while maintaining a teaching and leadership role with the Engineering and Computer Science department at Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) in the San Dieguito Union High School District, San Diego, CA, USA. The reputation of CCA is well known as a nationally ranked high school and continues to produce students who are regularly accepted into the top-rated engineering universities in the nation. There will be veteran STEM Teachers and Top College CS Students who are under the supervision of Mr. Mauro. NexStream only hires the best of the best, and provides a series of training programs for our instructors to be effective, and collaborative.

The classes are held online. NexStream will exam the possibility of adding offline classes once Cov-19 restriction is lifted.

There will be no more than 8 students in each class. There will be one Stream instructor ,and up to 1 TSA (Stream Assistant) available for each class to help students through the self-paced lessons as well as the hands-on projects.

Yes, for new students or those who plan to continue with Machine Learning with us as we offer a program that will last 2 to 3 years. After your student completes all the ML courses with us, she/he will be better positioned in the future career or academic studies. It will not only strengthen her /his college application, most importantly it will enhance her/ his engineering skills to solve practical issues and benefit our society as Machine Learning is a well sought-after skill in all the industries.

NexStream Intership Opportunities for our Middle School / High School students as well as for college students who teach with us.

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