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Internship Opportunities

At NexStream, the sky's the limit!
Internship opportunities are available to students who have completed introductory level courses and are entering advanced level topics.

Engineering Internships
  • Stream Assistant
  • Qualified students can be promoted to Stream Assistants (SAs). The internship is mainly targeted for middle and high school students who are interested in receiving community service hours by helping entry level students during live instruction sessions, answering questions, leading group chat discussions and debugging projects. This is a great opportunity for our students to internalize what they have learned and share their knowledge with their fellow students.
  • Instructor Assistant
  • SAs can be promoted to Instructor Assistants (IAs). IA is a paid internship position. IAs will lead warm-up activities and provide live instruction to students who need help with a specific topic during breakout sessions.
  • Instructor
  • IAs can be promoted to Instructors. Most instructor positions are available to top college CS/CE/EE students and experienced STEM teachers. However, if a high school senior is outstanding in conveying technical/engineering knowledge to young students, she/he can be considered for this position as well.
  • Curriculum Developer
  • NexStream also offers internship positions in the area of curriculum development (content creation, unit production, project development, etc). Curriculum development internship positions are paid internships.

Business Internships
  • Business Inernship
  • NexStream also offers business internships. Interns get to work on diverse and challenging projects like market analysis, competitive analysis, business planning, financial analysis, private equity valuation, SEO marketing, marketing collaterals, product management, project management, etc.

To Apply
Please email your resume to: info@NexStreamTek.com. Please also fill out this survey to apply for a engineering internship or this survey to apply for a business internship.