NexStream Machine Learning Program – Accepting New Students for Fall 2020

NexStream’s core approach includes self-paced, hands-on, project-based learning where both software & hardware skills are developed. Our approach focuses not only on cultivating technical skills but also on promoting collaborative and leadership skills.  To provide these educational experiences to more students, we have added a few more classes to our Fall lineup.


Machine Learning Overview (designed by Mr. Mauro who has been teaching CS / EE classes at Canyon Crest Academy for many years.  CCA is one of the best public schools in California). 

Fall Program Details

Class Size


Internship Opportunities

FYI. We are also re-designing our website where students will be able to book and take classes with a single-sign-on account.  Also, we will gradually release website features like students’ progress reports to parents, students’ portfolio/project summary, and many other cool functionalities that students, parents, teachers, interns, and curriculum developers will enjoy. 

Please feel free to share our program with your friends, families, and anyone who can benefit from our unique and effective educational approach. 

Please note that some of the time slots are already fully booked.  The 3 time slots which still have some availability are listed here.  Once a time slot is filled, it will be removed from the sign-up sheet  

Lastly, as you may already know, NexStream’s co-founders all worked at Qualcomm Inc for many years. We are passionate about Science, Technology and Engineering, and our goal is to get more students interested in STEM fields leading to higher education and ultimately great careers in the high tech industry.

Thank you so much for your support of NexStream! 


NexStream Technical Institue

P.S. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.  Email is is the best way to reach us, but please feel free to call 858 449 9689 or use WeChat to contact us (pdd1happy).