At NexStream, our teaching philosophy is based on the strong belief that students flourish when they are provided with an effective self-paced, hands-on, and project-based learning environment combined with the right mix of guidance from industry seasoned educators.  Therefore, following the same format planned for Canyon Crest Academy (one of the top public schools in California) camp, our courses, interactive lessons, learning checkpoints, and instructions for hands-on projects are fully available online through our Learning Management System.  The students will be able to go through the lessons at home on their own schedule and at their own pace. For more details, please review our Zoom Open House recording.

In place of physical classes however, each course will now have one weekly web-sessions for the students to meet and interact with the Stream Instructors and Stream Assistants (SAs).  These sessions will be used by the instructors to provide an overview of the topic and to get the students started with the lesson’s activities.  They are also for the students to ask questions or seek one-on-one guidance on their projects in breakout rooms.  The students will also have the option of going through the online lessons during the web-sessions, if they choose to do so, and receive real-time help with the topics from the instructors and/or SAs.

At NexStream, we also believe in the long term and in-depth progression through industry-relevant technical pathways referred to as a Stream. Our courses are designed to instill a deep interest and appreciation of the subject matter, give the students a strong foundation and guide them through ever-increasing complex material via practical hands-on projects leading to an eventual expert understanding of the technology.  The Machine Learning Stream, for example, is a 2-3 year-long program.  After the upcoming Fall session, your student can continue learning with us in the future online, in a physical classroom, or both (which we call the “hybrid classroom”™).

Initial Online Offering 

  • Stream:  Machine Learning (ML)
  • Syllabus:  The students will work their way through the first Flow (sequence of courses) in our Machine Learning Stream.  The “Intro to Machine Learning” Flow contains the following courses:
    • ML-100 Teachable Machine Classifiers
      This course provides a high-level introduction to Machine Learning classifiers where the models are generated using the Google Teachable Machine tools, then integrated into several different applications and platforms.
    • ML-110 Object Detection Overview
      This course introduces object detection and implementations on various platforms.
    • ML-120 Neural Networks Overview
      This course introduces simple neural networks and extensions to enable classification using Keras and TensorFlow.
  • Costs:  We are offering a $240 monthly fee for students to study one Stream with us. This comes with access to our cutting edge curriculum, projects, and weekly live sessions excluding major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Each live session lasts 1.5 hours. During live sessions, students interact with our instructors, instructor assistants (IAs), Stream Assistants (SAs), and classmates. Students will collaborate on coding challenges and group projects. Students will also have some time to study the curriculum in our learning management system and ask us questions at any time. Students will take their own pace to progress from different levels of the curriculum.
  • Date & Time: The Sign-up sheet has listed all the available time slots.
  • Class Size:  8 students max in each course with 1 instructor and 1 or more IA / SAs per session.
  • Project Hardware:  The equipment on the following list will be required for the students to participate in the hands-on projects:
    • Raspberry Pi 4B+ kit
    • Camera RPI V2
    • HDMI monitor (or equivalent)
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
      The equipment cost is expected to be approximately $125 ~ $250.00 depending on whether some or all of the items need to be purchased.  Please note that the items on the equipment list are from 3rd party vendors which are not affiliated with NexStream.  The equipment will be yours to keep for future NexStream camps/programs or other STEM activities.
  • Placement:  We offer online placement tests for students with prior Machine Learning knowledge and experience.  Based on the results of the tests, we can determine which starting course best fits your student.  Please contact us at if your student is interested in taking the placement test.
  • Student Priority:  Students who are accepted into our Fall 2020 program will receive priority placement in our physical after school program when school reopens in the future.
  • Signup:  If interested in our Machine Learning Fall 2020 program, please fill out the form
  • Payment: Payment link is available here. Disclosure: NexStream does not keep a copy of your payment information. All transactions go through, a Visa Solution website:  A receipt from will be forwarded to you immediately after you have made the payment. Within 24 hours of your payment, a student account will be set up and emailed to your student to log into our online learning management system. No spot will be reserved for any student before the payment is completed.

If you have any questions about the program or the signup process, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you!

NexStream Technical Institute