Our Machine Learning Program just started in May 2020. We conduct a comprehensive survey at the end of each course. Here are the summary results from our student surveys:
·        Majority believe that they have learned a lot of new material with respect to Machine Learning, and have mastered it with a high level of confidence.

·        Majority find the hands-on projects helpful in learning the material.  The preference for the hands-on projects is higher than the lessons themselves.

·        Majority found having a hardware component helpful.

·        By far, the majority prefer a hybrid model with a preference for online sessions to learn the material, and a preference for in person classrooms to do the projects

From Parent: ” He likes this class very much, please encourage him to do some subject practice after class, or introduce some online resources for him to do research. Thanks! I hope that Machine Learning continues next year. After the course is over, ,can teacher recommend other online courses to fit his  interest.”

From Student: ” It was great to talk to you as well, and thanks for this opportunity. I would be more than happy to become a Stream Assistant for the fall programs and help other students strengthen their knowledge of machine learning. ” From Parent: ” Many thanks for your email. He is very excited about the opportunity!

From Parent: ” Michael enjoys this program and I am sure he will learn a lot of things he is interested in from you guys.

From Parent: ” My son smiles so much during your classes and I never have seen him being so happy with his work!

From Student: ” The course content and material was very interesting.

From Student: ” The course content and material was very interesting and instructive”.

From Student: ” The system is well designed and easy to navigate“.

From student: ” My learning experience this month was much better. A short and simple overview of certain concepts that are being brought up in the course would definitely be very useful. “

From student: ” The course content and material for ML-110 was great. They were indeed interesting.