What is NexStream Technical Institute?

At NexStream, we strive to provide a next-generation educational experience in Computer Science, Technology, Engineering, and Applied Math.  We promote a self-paced, and project-based learning environment to arm students with the skills necessary to tackle the next generation technical careers.  Whether the student is looking for a vocational skill set to enter the workforce or is interested in supplementing a college application, the curriculum streams provide an in-depth exposure to the most relevant technologies in the high-tech industry today.

Initially, we will launch in-classroom education courses in Technology fields. Our Leadership team includes veterans who have both education and high-tech industry experience.

Our Goal

Our sole goal is to provide an effective curriculum and learning environment for our students, preparing them for better career paths in the technology related fields.

At NexStream, we not only want to teach you Machine Learning but also believe you can use what you have learned to help more students.  We are here to create an environment that fosters learning by doing, learning by teaching, and learning by collaborating.  We are here to take STEM education beyond STEM education. Our goal is to provide an impactful education experience on our younger generation who can then create a better world for the future. 

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